On 31st October 2017, Hong Kong based architectural firm, 10 DESIGN, joined Egis to form an integrated design group with a global capability.

Egis and 10 DESIGN made the following joint statement: "Both firms are delighted to announce Egis’ investment of a majority interest in 10 DESIGN. The complimentary geographic footprints and design skills of each firm provide an incredible platform for multiskill collaboration.

From 11 to 13 October, CGN hosted Top Level Forum on seismic Safety of Major Power Engineering in Daya Bay. EGIS China experts Mr. Arnaud Cauchois Participated this forum and delivered a presentation.

Power system is the lifeline of the national economy and social life. As the clean energy, nuclear and hydropower play an important role in the national energy Strategy.

China has the largest nuclear power construction scale in the world. The safety and reliability of the major power engineering is very important. Once suffered from external disaster, e.g earthquakes, destroy of the building could incur disastrous consequences. Therefore, earthquake safety is the key issue that must be faced and properly solved by major power projects.

The purpose of the forum is to achieve technology sharing, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, promote international exchanges and cooperation, and enhance mutual understanding.

During the presentation, Mr. Cauchois has introduced the mew methodology that developed by EGIS, in order to;

  • Redundancies and inaccuracies avoidance
  • Detail Optimization
  • Cost and time saving for design and work execution
  • Actual margin assessment

EGIS make some tests with good results, and this approach is used on UK HPC project.

10月11日至13日,中广核在大亚湾主办了《重大电力工程地震安全高端论坛》,爱集思中国专家Arnaud Cauchois先生参加了论坛,并发表了演讲










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The Joint-Venture constituted of EGIS and Wuhan Bridge Construction Engineering Construction Supervision Limited Company has signed the Construction Supervision Contract on “Shangqiu-Hefei-Hangzhou Passenger Dedicated Line: Package SHJL-3” with Jingfu Railway Passenger Transportation Anhui Limited Company. The project is 794.55Km long and represents an estimated investment cost of RMB 80.4 billion. Shang-He-Hang PDL is expected to be opened by the end of 2020.

EGIS Has Signed a Contract On Shangqiu-Hefei-Hangzhou Passenger Dedicated Line

On December 4, 2015, EGIS Group and China Poly Group signed Strategy Cooperation Framework Agreement in Poly Plaza, Beijing. Mr. Philippe Lauret, GM of EGIS Industrial, and Mr. Wang Lin, GM of Poly Technologies signed the Agreement on behalf of each side. 

Poly is the one of the biggest Chinese state-own enterprise, engaged in the overseas engineering business with its strong financing capacity, has successfully made it foot in Africa, Asia, East Europe, etc.. EGIS is a leading engineering company of France, with its specialty on design, consultancy, and project operation, etc. 

Following the proposals from France and China Governments “Jointly explore the third-party market”, Poly and EGIS are committed to take advantages of their complementary competences and join hands under a win-win strategy to expand their business around the world together. 

© Egis China - Laurent Malet

2015年12月4日,法国爱集思集团与中国保利集团在北京保利大厦正式签署双边合作框架协议。爱集思集团总裁授权代表、执委会成员、爱集思工业总经理Philippe Lauret先生与保利科技总经理王林先生分别代表双方在协议书上签字。



© Egis China - Laurent Malet




Egis China is involved in the Sino-French eco-district project in Tiexi

On 7th of April 2015, Egis China General Manager Laurent Malet accompanied a delegation from the French Embassy to support the project of “Sino-French Ecological district” under discussion in Tiexi area in Shenyang. After meeting several French and Chinese companies interested in the project for breakfast, Mr. Malet took part to several meetings with Shenyang municipality and officials in charge of Tiexi district development.

After several successful projects in this field notably in Zhuhai, Egis China is hoping to continue assisting Chinese municipalities in their urban planning, notably for the development of new economic and development zones, with the goal to make them attractive and sustainable.


Construction is progressing at a steady pace

As you can observe on these pictures taken last April during a visit of Egis team in the Unit 2 of Taishan EPR, Taishan EPR construction is progressing at a steady pace.

Several Egis engineers are still actively working on site to provide assistance on civil engineering issues and clarifications for construction companies. Egis on-site team even welcomed at the beginning of May a new experienced engineer coming from Poland.

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