Xinjiang Regional Road Improvement Project – Korla-Kuqa Section

Xinjiang province
Date: 2008-2011
Duration: 3 years
Client: Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Regional Communications Construction Administration Bureau

Project overview

The project was composed of six components:

  • Highway improvement: upgrading approximately 296.5km of the existing national highway G314, from Korla to Kuqa, to a four-lane access-controlled tolled expressway.
  • Improvement of 193km of local roads.
  • Improvement of freight terminal efficiency: introducing a web-based transport logistics system in the freight terminals in Urumqi as well as a consulting service for the Xinjiang Communications Department (XCD).
  • Improvement of rural transport services: implementing bus route licensing reforms in the Kuqa county through the provision of consulting services.
  • Road safety improvement: audit on project and road safety during the operation of the motorway.
  • Capacity development: enhancing XCD’s capacity through the provision of equipment, consulting services and training.

Our missions

Egis was in charge of assisting XCD, the executing agency, and the implementing agency in ensuring that:

  • All civil works are carried out in full compliance with the approved drawings and specifications;
  • Contract management is adequate;
  • All activities relating to the implementation of the project are carried out in an environmentally and socially sound manner;
  • Independent monitoring of resettlement as well as project benefits are carried out;
  • XCD personnel, and other relevant agencies, receive in-country and overseas training in selected areas of expressway construction and operation management, road safety, expressway toll and financing, road asset management, regulating road transport, and environmental protection and monitoring.

Egis was also responsible for improving road safety, testing a policy reform in rural bus operations, improving freight terminal efficiency, and implementing the Project Performance Management System. 

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