Hengqing New District of Zhuhai

Date: 2010
Duration: 1 year
Client: Big Hengqing of Zhuhai Investment Co. Ltd.
Architect: AMA Architects/ Babylone

Project overview

Hengqing Island of Zhuhai City close to Macau, covers an area of 106 square kilometers, expected 300,000 residents in future. This is an international bidding project for urban development.

Hengqing Island is surrounded by water with complexed networks. 

The key to this project is to creative an urban sustainable development plan that the city and nature environment can be interdependence.

Our missions

Egis won the urban and transportation development contract together with partner. 

In our plan, emphasizes the protection of water resources. Water is the core element of this island, Our target is to create a minimum of interaction in order to affect as little as possible the natural water cycle.

Another focus of our plan is to find non-polluting transport modes.

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