Construction supervision of the Zhengzhou-Xuzhou New Railway Passenger High Speed Line

China is developing its high speed train network at an unprecedented speed. Egis is very pround to be part of the adventure !

Date: 2013-2017
Duration: 4 years
Client: Zhengxi Railway Passenger Transportation Limited Company
Start of operation: 2017

Project overview

The Ministry of Railways of China is developing the Zhengzhou–Xuzhou High-Speed Railway, which is a 360 kilometer-long, designed for train speeds of up to 350 km/h and using unballasted tracks. The line will serve for passenger transportation, and will connect the cities of Zhengzhou in Henan Province and Xuzhou in Jiangsu Province. After its completion, it should link Zhengzhou and Xuzhou in 80 minutes compared to 2.5 hours in 2012.

The construction has started in January 2013 and is expected to last for 4 years.

Our missions

The Joint-Venture constituted of Wuhan Bridge (Lead Member) and Egis has been entrusted with the construction supervision services of the Contract Package Number 4. This Contract-Package is 57 km long and represents an estimated investment cost of EUR 484 million.

Egis is in charge of overall project management, supervision of all works on the contract section, and quality assurance.

The experts mobilized by Egis (96 man.months over the 4 year contract duration) are responsible for managing more than 120 people working on the works site and are supervising civil engineering, structural works, as well as system commissioning.

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