EGIS CHINA Experts Participate Top Level Forum on Seismic Safety of Major Power Engineering

From 11 to 13 October, CGN hosted Top Level Forum on seismic Safety of Major Power Engineering in Daya Bay. EGIS China experts Mr. Arnaud Cauchois Participated this forum and delivered a presentation.

Power system is the lifeline of the national economy and social life. As the clean energy, nuclear and hydropower play an important role in the national energy Strategy.

China has the largest nuclear power construction scale in the world. The safety and reliability of the major power engineering is very important. Once suffered from external disaster, e.g earthquakes, destroy of the building could incur disastrous consequences. Therefore, earthquake safety is the key issue that must be faced and properly solved by major power projects.

The purpose of the forum is to achieve technology sharing, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, promote international exchanges and cooperation, and enhance mutual understanding.

During the presentation, Mr. Cauchois has introduced the mew methodology that developed by EGIS, in order to;

  • Redundancies and inaccuracies avoidance
  • Detail Optimization
  • Cost and time saving for design and work execution
  • Actual margin assessment

EGIS make some tests with good results, and this approach is used on UK HPC project.