Urban transport


Egis has an unequalled expertise for urban transport projects, including subways and tramways.

Well beyond the engineering aspect of the infrastructure, Egis has unique expertise to develop complete transport systems. From design through to completion, Egis delivers turnkey solutions for your urban transport projects. Because Egis is aware that each city is unique and has an individual relationship with its transport system, the company is always offering customized solutions corresponding to the needs of its customers.

With an unprecedented urbanization process on-going, the need for efficient urban transport is crucial for China today. Egis feels it can bring added value on this market, being able to develop innovative solutions to answer this need. Egis is notably an European leader in tramway engineering: it has laid down numerous tram lines, including in Lyons, Marseilles and Toulouse in France, as well as in Porto in Portugal and in Rabat in Morocco. Tramway is undoubtedly an interesting solution to explore for China. On all these urban transport projects, Egis can offer services including conception, planning and operation.