Egis has been involved in nuclear sector since its very beginning and has been a major player in the nuclear industry ever since.  

Historically, Egis has been very much involved in the nuclear business, working along the main French actors of the sector. Egis expertise covers all the nuclear life cycle, from design to dismantling. It notably worked on:

  • The 58 French nuclear reactors
  • The 4 EPRs (third generation nuclear power plants) currently under construction in the world (in Finland, France and China (2 units)).  
  • Fuel processing plants (eg. La Hague in France)
  • Waste storage centers (eg. Agathe, France)
  • Containment structures (eg. Chernobyl Sarcophagus)

This expertise has already been used extensively in China, starting from Daya Bay project. These past years, Egis has worked a lot on Taishan EPR power plant along with Chinese partners. Several Egis engineers are still working on Taishan site today, to provide support to the project team and to the construction companies on questions related to civil engineering.

Egis is also already positioned to work on future EPR to be built in UK Hinkley Point, and is hoping this project will be a new opportunity to collaborate with its Chinese partners, who are among the investors of the project.