Egis designs, manages and supervises construction projects of varying size in all building sectors.

Egis can virtually work on every kind of buildings you can imagine: office towers, official public buildings, museums, hospitals, sport centers, commercial spaces, hotels, industrial factories…And its service range can cover all the steps of construction projects: from feasibility studies, conception, design engineering to construction supervision and project management… Egis has notably an excellent expertise on complex structures as well as experience in seismic and dynamic calculations, which has conducted the company to work on many buildings with modern and iconic shapes (such as Paris Philharmonic). Football fans will probably also be very interested in learning that Egis is involved in the construction/renovation projects of 6 stadiums that are going to host Euro 2016! In these projects, Egis is providing engineering services and is carrying specific studies, notably to assess seismic and vibration behavior.

In China, we offer construction supervision services as well as conceptual design, design review and design assistance on specific issues services. Our technical team has also already designed buildings located in other countries such as Incity Tower in Lyons (France).